Cape Verde Mixture of Ethnic Groups

                        Cape Verde Mixture of Ethnic Groups. The fact that the people of Cape Verde have become such a … Continue Reading →


Auditions for the Reality Show My African Love

Tips for Getting on the Reality Show My African Love Do you want to be the next reality TV star everyone is talking about in West Africa? Are you driven and … Continue Reading →



The Traditional African Rituals of Flirting, Seduction and Courtship are infused with Spirit. In my research on the subject of the Traditional African Ritual of Courtship, I discovered the article … Continue Reading →


Reality Show Investment in Nigeria

Perfect timing for Nigerian Reality Show Investment  One of the largest components of a great investment is timing! The timing is perfect in the current market for Reality Show investment: … Continue Reading →


Hair and Nigerian Traditional Hairstyle

Hair and Traditional Hairstyle In Nigeria, abundant hair on a woman’s head is a source of pride and dignity. Long and abundant hair is a sort of power of sexual … Continue Reading →

Tribal Dancingt

Dancing Africa Syle

African dancing has traditionally played an essential role in the culture of the tribes. Much more than entertainment, dancing communicate emotions, celebrate rites of passage, and help strengthen the bonds … Continue Reading →

Africa Dance

Africa Dance Importance

Africa dance is a holistic celebration of deity, communal events, and personal relationships. Within this genre are dances to praise God, to lament calamities, to prepare for war, to appreciate … Continue Reading →


Hand Drums – African Experience

African hand drums are so iconic of Africa that an African drummer is almost a stereotype. The fact is that drums have been an intrinsic part of African life for … Continue Reading →

Kutring Drum

Tribal Instruments of Gambia

An Article on Gambia tribal instruments by Njai Bass Basiru (Bass) NjaiBasiru (Bass) is a professional percussionist a songwriter and composer. Njai has been playing drums since he turned 16 … Continue Reading →

Learn to play

Drum Play Called Djembe

The Drum is an instrument, which anyone can play it, and any-way you play on it with your hands you will always get a sound or rhythm out of it. … Continue Reading →